Environmental Activities: The Brother Group's environmental activity report

Toward a Sustainable Society

Global Environmental Conservation and SDGs

The Brother Group will continue to take actions toward global environmental conservation and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environmental Vision 2050: Reduction of CO2 Emissions

The vision indicates that the Brother Group will contribute to realizing the carbon-free society that the Paris Agreement aims to achieve (i.e., zero greenhouse gas emissions).

Response to TCFD Recommendations

In conjunction with its support of the TCFD recommendations, the Brother Group plans to promote further measures for mitigating climate change.

Environmental Vision 2050: Resource Circulation

The vision aims to ensure sustainable use of natural resources in business oper ations and minimize environmental impact due to waste.

Environmental Vision 2050: Biodiversity Conservation

The vision aims to minimize the environmental impact of business operations and promote activities to restore and conserve the ecosystem beyond the impact.

Pollution Prevention and Chemical Substance Management

Placing priority on maintaining compliance with laws and regulations and preventing environmental pollution in the respective countries and regions in which it operates, the Brother Group is committed to continuously reducing its environmental impact.

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