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Brother's CSR

Message on CSR from the Management

Creating Social Value through Business Activities with the "At your side." Spirit in Mind

Brother's CSR management and Global Charter

The goal of Brother is to carry out management that will create social value through business activities with the "At your side." spirit in mind. We can achieve this when we create products that address our customers' needs through the united efforts of all Brother Group associates, and in turn we can take pride in knowing that we achieved this.
To develop the management foundation stated in the Brother Group Global Charter (Global Charter), we plan to build long-term trust relationships with stakeholders that put their customers first, through business growth and by fulfilling social responsibilities. We will continue to evolve Brother's CSR management by disseminating this sense of value, stated in the Global Charter, to all associates of the Group.

Representative Director & President  Ichiro Sasaki

Untiring efforts to create superior value

Brother constantly takes on challenges. The strategy is to continuously provide "superior value" in order to address our customers' needs and ensure the Brother Group is successful as a manufacturing company.
Values demanded from customers and society are changing. For example, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, has set seventeen goals to realize a sustainable world and has requested corporations to take some actions as well. Many stakeholders have also requested corporations to conduct business focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards. In such circumstances, Brother's priority is to create social value through business by doing the following:

  • Seek to provide innovative products and services that make our customers happy
  • Undertaking continuous efforts in environmental conservation
  • Continuously promote social contribution activities
  • Enhance collaboration with business partners on ways to address social demands quickly

It is important for Brother's long-term success to address these issues. To this end, we believe it is necessary to continue to seriously tackle and find solutions for the changing voice of customers and expectations of society, which we see as growth opportunities or management risks, while continuing to pass on the manufacturing DNA of Brother, which does not fear change.

"At your side." actions by all employees

I will take the lead in addressing the issues by promoting communication with various stakeholders, including mainly our customers and associates around the world, and carrying out other initiatives to evolve the Brother Group's CSR management from both short-term and long-term perspectives and meet expectations from customers and society. Moreover, based on Brother's good corporate culture of "At your side." spirit, I will support growth by motivating associates to take action to further create and quickly provide superior value.
Moving toward the future, the Brother Group aims to enhance its management on the back of continuous efforts to ensure that we win the trust of stakeholders through the united efforts of associates to pursue the creation of social value through its business activities.

Ichiro Sasaki
Representative Director & President
Brother Industries, Ltd.
September 2020

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