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Corporate Information

The Brother Group Global Charter

"The Brother Group Global Charter," originally published in 1999, provides the foundation for all Brother Group activities in the global marketplace. All Group companies - and all our employees - must base their decisions and actions on the Charter's "Basic Policies" and "Codes of Practice."

To make it clearer for our employees, and to reflect the new environment as of April 2008, we have revised the Charter and translated it into 28 languages.

The Brother Group Global Charter

Basic Policies

1.Group Management

  • The Brother Group's mission is to place our customers first everywhere, every time, and provide them with superior value, by quickly creating and delivering high-quality products and services.
  • The Brother Group will share clear objectives, empower our associates to be self-directed, and consider the total global picture, in order to achieve management excellence.
  • The Brother Group's management, with a consistently global view, confidently faces challenges, and quickly responds to the demands and expectations of the global marketplace.
  • The Brother Group succeeds in our chosen business domains by practicing a customer-oriented, global strategy, sharing information, and making the most of our limited resources through close cooperation.

2.Group Growth

  • The Brother Group offers superior value, which attracts and retains customers and, ultimately, drives our growth.
  • The Brother Group effectively utilizes its successful growth, investing significantly to:
    • Further enhance our value creation capability for customers;
    • Reward our associates, and provide opportunities for human resources development;
    • Strengthen our working relationships with our business partners;
    • Return value to our shareholders through profit sharing;
    • Contribute to local communities;
    • Protect the global environment; and
    • Acquire and retain more customers, associates and shareholders.
  • The Brother Group generates corporate value through this ongoing growth-and-investment cycle, leading to a strong sense of pride among our associates, and to a long, successful future.


The Brother Group places the customer first, everywhere, every time, demonstrating its motto; "At your side." By quickly and consistently providing superior value, the Brother Group builds strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, gaining their loyalty.

Our Associates
The Brother Group respects diversity, and provides a working environment that enables our associates to utilize their talents and abilities to the fullest. The Brother Group gives them great opportunity through challenging work assignments, and provides them with fair, attractive financial rewards. In return, our associates are expected to be positive members of society, share the Company's values continually learn and improve, maximize their capabilities, strive to achieve their goals, and ultimately, contribute to our success.

Business Partners
The Brother Group effectively delivers superior value to customers, acts fairly with business partners, and builds strong, respectful working relationships for mutual growth.

The Brother Group effectively utilizes capital from shareholders to drive sustainable growth in corporate value. Through regular, open communication, the Brother Group develops long-term, trustful relationships with its shareholders.

Local Community
The Brother Group must always be a good corporate citizen, sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities where the Brother Group operates.

The Environment
The Brother Group helps society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations.

Definition of Stakeholders
  • "Customers" are present and potential users of Brother Group products and services.
  • Our "Associates" are all people working in the Brother Group.
  • "Business Partners" are all entities that work in cooperation with the Brother Group to provide value to customers.
  • "Shareholders" are investors holding stock in Brother Industries, Ltd.
  • A "Local Community" is a region in which a Brother Group operation is located, and expected to satisfy social responsibilities.

Codes of Practice

1.Trust and Respect
We must always honor individuals and diversity, and act with trust and respect.

2.Ethics and Morality
We must act with the highest integrity, respecting the culture, rules and spirit of laws, in all countries and regions where the Brother Group operates.

3.Challenging Spirit and Speed
We must consistently observe the changing world's needs, make fast decisions and take quick action, with a challenging spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

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